Arrest Warrant

Get information about an arrest warrant issued by the New York City Police Department.


Find out an inmate's bail or bond amount and learn how to make a payment.

Bail Bond Agent Complaint

Report illegal business practices by a bail bond agent.

Bail Refund

Get cash bail refund information and assistance.

Find an Arrested Person

Find someone in police custody who has not been arraigned.

Reclaim Property from NYPD

Learn about how to get your property back if it is in NYPD custody.

Certificate of Conduct

Get a Certificate of Conduct.

Criminal Record

Learn about criminal history searches or request past criminal court and district attorney records.

Elections and Voting

Learn how to vote and find your poll site.

Health Care for Former Inmates

Request for health care coordination and services for inmates leaving jail or prison and their families.

Inmate Account

Learn how to deposit money into an Inmate Fund Account.

Inmate Enrollment or Student Record

Request enrollment in school on Rikers Island or get copies of a former inmate's student records.

Inmate Item Delivery

Learn how to mail or bring items to an inmate.

Inmate Jail Release Services

Get social services and health care for recently-released inmates.

Inmate Location and Information

Learn about an inmate's location, ID numbers, charges, court date, bail, mailing address, and release date.

Inmate Medical Concern

Get medical attention for an inmate in Department of Correction custody.

Inmate Notification or Visit for Family Illness or Death

Learn how to request permission for an inmate to attend a family emergency or to notify an inmate that a family member has died or is seriously ill.

Inmate Property Pickup

Learn how to pick up personal items or money at a Department of Corrections facility. Schedule an inmate property pickup appointment.

Inmate Video Visitation

Learn how to communicate with an incarcerated loved one through a free video visitation service at participating public libraries.

Inmate Visit

Learn about visiting an inmate, including visitor rules, visiting schedule, travel directions, and the Rikers Visit Bus.

Jail System Complaint

Report a problem with the New York City jail system, including threats to inmates.

Letter of Incarceration

Request jail release or discharge papers for former or current inmates to document the time in jail.

Medical Record for Current or Former Inmates

Get a medical record for a current or former City jail inmate.

Mental Health Care for Former Inmates

Get information about free and confidential discharge planning services for a recently released inmate who received mental health services in City jail.

Parenting Support

Learn about support programs and resources for parents.

Pregnancy Support

Learn about programs and services for pregnant women, expectant fathers, and families.

Serving Legal Papers

Learn about or get help with serving legal papers.

Voter Registration

Register to vote or check your registration status.

Behavioral Health and the Criminal Justice System Task Force

Learn about the task force to reduce the unnecessary arrest and incarceration of people with behavioral health issues.

City Jail System Facilities

Get information about a Department of Corrections facility.

Correctional Facility Pass for Attorneys

Get a pass for lawyers and investigators to visit clients at correctional facilities.

Jail System Complaint

Report a problem with the New York City jail system, including threats to inmates.

Juvenile Detention

Learn about or make a complaint about juvenile detention programs and centers.

Adult Probation Supervision

Get information for and about adults placed on probation by the criminal and supreme courts in New York City.

Juvenile Probation Supervision

Get information for and about young people who have been placed on probation.


Get parole information, report a parole violation, or make a complaint about a parole officer.

Probation Restitution

Learn about the conditions and enforcement of a probationer's restitution.

Probation Warrant Enforcement

Learn about warrants issued to probationers who don't appear in court to answer allegations that they have violated their probation.