• Bus Lane Camera Complaint

    Report a damaged or defective bus lane camera.

  • City Claim

    Report personal injury or property damage against the City or a City contractor including damage to a vehicle from a pothole.

  • City Marshal Complaint

    Report a problem with a city marshal.

  • County Clerk

    Get information about business certificates, divorce court, notary verification, and Supreme Court document maintenance.

  • Court

    Get locations and contact information for courts.

  • Domestic Violence

    Report domestic violence or get counseling, support, and shelter for victims.

  • Elder Abuse

    Report suspected abuse or neglect of an older adult age 60 or older.

  • Family Court

    Learn about Family Court, including locations and hours.

  • Judge Complaint

    Report misconduct by a judge.

  • Lawyer Complaint

    Make a complaint about a lawyer, including an unlicensed lawyer.

  • Legal Assistance

    Get a lawyer referral, free legal services, and answers to questions about the law and courts. Connect with Tenant Helpline for advice and assistance.

  • Legal Assistance and Inquiries for Older Adults

    Learn about legal service providers that provide free legal assistance specifically for seniors.

  • Marriage Record

    Get a copy of a marriage record or make a correction.

  • Paid Safe and Sick Leave

    Learn about the Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law. Report an employer violating the law.

  • Process Server Complaint

    Make a complaint about a person or business that issues summonses or other court papers.

  • Speed Camera Complaint

    Report a damaged or defective speed camera.

  • State Court

    Get information or make a complaint about State Court.