• Discrimination

    Report discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and by members of the public.

  • Freelance Worker and Hiring Party Assistance

    Get help for freelance workers and those who employ them.

  • Harassment

    Report any type of harassment, including sexual harassment, cat calling, and voyeurism.

  • Labor Law

    Learn about the rules that apply to workers and their employers and report unfair or illegal practices.

  • Paid Safe and Sick Leave

    Learn about the Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law, for both employers and employees. Report an employer violating the Law.

  • Prevailing Wage Complaint

    Make a complaint to recover money if you were not paid the correct wages.

  • Social Security

    Apply for or report changes to a Social Security, Disability, or SSI benefit. Apply for, renew, replace, or update a Social Security card or number.

  • Temporary Work Schedule Change

    Get help for workers or employers with questions about temporary schedule change requirements.

  • Worker Safety

    Learn about worker safety or report worker health hazards.

  • Workers' Compensation Fraud

    Report workers' compensation fraud.