• Abandoned Pet

    Report a pet that has been abandoned by its owner.

  • Animal Abuse

    Report abuse or neglect of an animal.

  • Animal Bite

    Report an animal that bit a person.

  • Animal Facility Complaint

    Report an unsanitary or unpermitted animal shelter, kennel, groomer, horse stable, boarding facility, petting zoo, or other animal facility.

  • Animal Odor

    Report animal odor from a residence.

  • Dangerous Animal

    Report an animal causing a dangerous or hazardous condition.

  • Dead Animal on Private Property

    Learn how to dispose of dead pets or wildlife on your property.

  • Dead Animal on Public Property

    Report a dead animal in a public place, including sidewalks, highways, and parks.

  • Dog License

    Apply for or renew a dog license or check the status of a request. Register a guard dog or report loss, theft, or a new owner.

  • Dog or Animal Waste

    Report dog or animal waste in a park or on a street, sidewalk, or private property.

  • Guard Dog Registration

    Register a trained guard dog or report loss, theft, or transfer of ownership.

  • Illegal Animal

    Report a person selling or keeping a wild or illegal animal as a pet.

  • Injured or Sick Animal

    Get help for an injured or sick animal.

  • Lost or Seized Pet

    Get help for an owner whose pet is lost or has been seized by the police or the Animal Care Centers.

  • Pet Store Complaint

    Report a pet store for unsanitary conditions, operating without a permit, violating City and State rules, or selling an unhealthy animal.

  • Pigeon Droppings or Odor

    Report unsanitary conditions caused by pigeons.

  • Rabid Animal

    Report an animal that may have rabies, dead or alive.

  • Stray Animal

    Report a stray or abandoned animal.

  • Unleashed Dog

    Report a dog that is not leashed in a park or other public place.