Call 911
Call 911 if Animal Care Centers of NYC is closed, and there is an animal that is displaying signs of rabies.

You can report animals that may be rabid to Animal Care Centers of NYC. 

Symptoms of rabies in animals include:

  • Extremely aggressive behavior.
  • Paralysis, staggering, walking in circles, or difficulty walking.
  • Drooling or foaming at the mouth.
  • Convulsing, spitting, or choking.
  • Staring into space or being in the same spot for 24 hours.
  • Unusual behavior, such as biting itself.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.

Animal Care Center offices and drop-off locations are closed on the following holidays:

  • Thursday, July 4 - Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2 - Labor Day
  • Thursday, November 28 - Thanksgiving Day
  • Wednesday, December 25 - Christmas Day
  • Wednesday, January 1 - New Year's Day 2020

Seeing a raccoon, opossum, skunk, or other wild animal in the daytime does not mean the animal has rabies.

If an animal appears healthy and is seen during the day, it may be unable to return to its den or is looking for food. Healthy wildlife, especially raccoons, may look for food in the twilight hours. It is not unusual to see a raccoon at dusk or dawn.

If left alone, healthy wildlife will eventually return to their dens once they feel safe.

You should always use caution around any wildlife and not approach them or try to touch them.