• Block Party, Street Fair, or Event Permit

    Apply for a permit to hold a block party, street fair, parade, or other event on a City street or sidewalk.

  • Brooklyn Cyclones

    Learn about the Brooklyn Cyclones, including schedule and ticket information.

  • Events

    Learn about parades, festivals, exhibitions, public meetings, and workshops at City Agencies.

  • Fireworks Complaint

    Report the sale, use, storage, or transport of illegal fireworks.

  • Fireworks Displays

    Get a list of legal fireworks displays and their locations.

  • Libraries

    Find a public library.

  • New York Mets

    Learn about the New York Mets, including schedule and ticket information.

  • New York Yankees

    Get schedule, ticket, and stadium tour information for the New York Yankees and Staten Island Yankees.

  • NYC Visitor Information

    Get information for tourists and other visitors about New York City hotels, restaurants, attractions, and events.

  • Open Culture Permit

    Learn about a permit for single day, socially distanced outdoor ticketed performances for arts and cultural institutions and entertainment venues.

  • Parade or Sound Permit

    Apply for a parade or sound permit.

  • Park Event Permit

    Apply for a permit to hold an event in a City park or on a City beach.

  • Public Event Seating Complaint

    Report a ticket seller that does not provide seating information for an event.

  • Street Event Cleanup

    Learn about rules for street event sponsors related to clean ups after an event.

  • Summer Streets

    Learn about the event that opens seven miles of car-free streets to the public.

  • Ticket Scalping

    Report an illegal ticket sale.

  • Ticket Seller Complaint

    Make a complaint about someone selling tickets in a public space.