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You can get permits to hold events on City streets and sidewalks from the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO).

SAPO issues permits for events on City street, sidewalk, and pedestrian plaza spaces and also:

  • Collects necessary support permits to ensure a safe event
  • Deconflicts event permits with other permitting agencies
  • Protects the interests of the City, community, and the general public

Permits are available for various events, including:

  • Open culture 
  • Block parties 
  • Clean Ups 
  • Farmers markets 
  • Health fairs 
  • Mobile units 
  • Plaza events 
  • Press conferences
  • Production events (use of the sidewalk or curb lane for loading/unloading equipment and non-film production parking)
  • Rallies and demonstrations 
  • Religious events 
  • Single block festivals 
  • Street events 
  • Street festivals

Learn more about event permits.

Apply for a permit or check the status of a submitted permit request.

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