• 3-K Enrollment

    Learn about 3-K enrollment.

  • Child Care

    Learn about City-funded child care programs, including EarlyLearn NYC. Get referrals to licensed child care providers.

  • Child Care Financial Assistance

    Apply for financial assistance to pay for child care, get an application status, find a child care program, or re-certify your benefits.

  • Child Care Performance Card

    Learn about group child care center performance summary cards.

  • Developmentally Delayed Infant Services

    Learn about early intervention services for children under 3 with developmental delays.

  • Head Start

    Learn about Head Start, which provides activities and educational programs for children ages three and four.

  • Libraries

    Find a public library.

  • Outdoor Learning

    Learn how schools and day care centers can use City streets, play yards, and parks for classes.

  • Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment

    Learn about pre-kindergarten enrollment.

  • Students with Disabilities

    Request educational support for students who are blind or have limited vision and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.