The Outdoor Learning – Streets program allows schools to hold classes on City streets, play yards, and parks. The program is open to public, private, and charter schools, pre-K programs, and child care centers.

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Outdoor Learning locations must be set up in safe manner.

Sites must:

  • Be set up no earlier than 7 AM and no later than 4 PM
  • Place continuous barriers from curb to curb at both ends of the block, with a 5-foot gap for bikes
  • Keep sidewalks free from barriers and leave an 8-foot clear path for pedestrians
  • Keep crosswalks clear and free from trip hazards posed by barriers
  • Post staff at barriers at all times to alert students of moving traffic and escort unauthorized vehicles on or off the block

Outdoor Learning sites with tents and chairs must also ensure that:

  • No Standing "7 AM - 4 PM” parking regulation signs are visible.
  • There is a 15-foot FDNY fire lane maintained at all times.
  • The street is clear of unauthorized parked vehicles. Authorized parking spaces are for school staff.
  • School staff comply with posted parking regulations and park only in authorized parking spaces.

You can report an unsafe condition at an Outdoor Learning location.

Email the Department of Transportation.

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