The Department of Transportation (DOT) has launched an e-bike battery charging pilot program to test different e-bike battery charging technologies on the street. These charging hubs will allow pre-registered delivery workers to charge their e-bikes for free in a safe environment which will reduce fire risks.

During the six-month pilot, DOT will collect feedback from delivery workers test users and track station usage. 

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How to Participate

Only registered test users can access these free charging hubs. Interested delivery workers must attend an in-person upcoming onboarding event, where eligibility will be determined.

Submit an interest form to get more information.

Charging Hub Locations

  • Brooklyn Army Terminal, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Cooper Square, Manhattan
  • Essex Market, Lower East Side, Manhattan
  • Plaza de las Americas, Washington Heights, Manhattan
  • Willoughby Street between Pearl St. and Jay St., Downtown Brooklyn

Charging Technologies

  • Swobbee (battery-swapping cabinets): Test users have on-demand access to cabinets with UL-certified, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Only batteries provided and maintained by the company can be charged in Swobbee cabinets. 
  • Popwheels (battery-swapping cabinets): Test users have on-demand access to cabinets with UL-certified, lithium-ion batteries. Only company-provided and maintained batteries can be charged in Popwheels cabinets.
  • Swiftmile (electrified bike racks): Each bay has a cable that fast-charges the battery directly from the e-bike. Test users bring their own batteries.

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