Dining Out NYC will permanently expand outdoor dining to all five boroughs. This program builds on the Temporary Open Restaurants Program.

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Eligibility and Guidelines

All eligible restaurants are welcome to apply citywide.

Learn about Dining Out NYC eligibility requirements.

Program Timeline

  • Fall 2023: New Yorkers will have an opportunity to review and provide input on proposed rules for permanent program. 
  • Late 2023/Early 2024: Department of Transportation will be launching a new online application portal for restaurants to apply for the permanent program.
  • Spring/Summer 2024: Approved restaurants must install new setup within 30 days of application approval.


The cost to participate will vary based on the location of your restaurant and the size of your outdoor dining setup.

Restaurants will need to pay two separate fees: 

  • License Fee: A $1,050 license fee, covering the four-year license term, for roadway or sidewalk dining, or $2,100 for both roadway and sidewalk dining. 
  • Revocable Consent Fee: An annual revocable consent fee paid each year in the four-year term that will be determined based on the location of your restaurant and the size of your outdoor dining setup. 


Outdoor dining setups must be safe, accessible, and easy to assemble and break down. No fully enclosed structures are allowed.

Roadway setups allowed for an eight-month season (April through November). Sidewalk setups are allowed year-round.

    Program Assistance and Feedback

    You can submit questions or feedback about the program to the Department of Transportation.

    Submit feedback about Dining Out NYC.

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