A potential yellow bus strike could disrupt service for many New York City public school students this fall. The Department of Education (DOE) is working hard to avoid a strike. 

If there is a strike, parents and guardians will be notified by automated call, email, and text. A second notification will be sent on the first morning of interrupted service. 

All notifications will be sent to the contact information provided to the school. 

You can check or make changes to your contact information through your NYC Schools Account.

Families can get updated information online or through their Transportation Coordinator at their child’s school. Families can also reach out to DOE by email or by phone.


Send email to transportation@schools.nyc.gov.


Get updated information about the yellow school bus strike.

By Phone

  • Agency: Department of Education
  • Division: Office of Pupil Transportation
  • Phone Number: (718) 392-8855
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 6 AM - 6 PM

If a yellow bus driver strike occurs, all impacted students and families will receive emergency MetroCards from their school. 

Prepaid ride-share and transportation reimbursement for taxis, personal, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles will be available to:

  • Students with disabilities who have:
    • Recommendation from Individualized Education Program (IEP);
    • 504 Accommodation Plan (504); or 
    • Approval from the Office of Pupil transportation
  • Students in temporary housing or foster care, including: 
    • Homeless shelters
    • Domestic violence shelters
    • Families living with others or transitioning to permanent housing
  • Any other students with approved exceptions (such as situations where it is hazardous to access public transportation) See transportation exceptions.

Pre-paid Rideshare

Pre-paid rideshare is a car service that will take you (or another adult) and your child to and from school each day. An adult must travel with your child.

For each eligible child, your driver will provide two rides for you in both the morning and afternoon (for a total of four rides per day).

In the morning, after your child is dropped off at school, the rideshare driver can take you to any destination of your choice, whether it's your:

  • Home
  • Workplace
  • Another location

In the afternoon, the process is reversed: 

  • The driver will pick you up from your chosen location
  • Drive to the school to pick up your child
  • Then take both of you home

There's no need for you to arrange separate transportation to or from the school. These extra rides are included in the service and are free for you.

Rideshare is free for eligible families. For this reason, it is recommended that eligible families consider using rideshare instead of seeking transportation reimbursement. Reimbursements can take weeks to process, while the rideshare service is immediate and cost-free.

Prior to the start of the school year, the DOE website will be updated with details and next steps for accessing both rideshare and reimbursement.

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