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If you are a short-term rental host, you are required to register with the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) per Local Law 18.

The application is currently open, and hosts are encouraged to submit an application well in advance of OSE beginning enforcement of this requirement after September 5, 2023.

Booking service platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO,, and others, also known as "vacation rentals" or "home-sharing" sites, will not be allowed to process transactions for unregistered short-term rentals.

Local Law 18 (LL 18) does not change the existing rules for short-term rentals. Hosts - both owners and tenants - cannot rent out an entire apartment or home to visitors for fewer than 30 days, even if the host owns or lives in the building. This applies to all permanent residential buildings regardless of the number of units.

As a host, you must:

  • Stay in the same unit or apartment as the guests
  • Have no more than two guests staying with you
  • Ensure every guest has access to all parts of the dwelling unit and each exit
  • Comply with all other laws relating to the use of the space (i.e., no sleeping in an area where it would be illegal to do so, such as an attic, cellar, or garage)

The Short-Term Hosts' Registration application is available. Once registered, you will receive a unique, short-term rental registration number.

Visit the OSE Registration Law website for more information.

Learn how to apply for a registration.

Short-term rental registration is not allowed for:

  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartments
  • Rent-controlled apartments
  • Rent-stabilized apartments
  • Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) units

Property owners of buildings where leases or other occupancy agreements prohibit short-term rentals will be able to notify OSE to have their address added to a prohibited buildings list.

The Short-Term Rental Registration Law also requires OSE to keep a list of buildings where short-term rentals are prohibited, either by:

  • Law (such as NYCHA or entire rent-regulated buildings) or 
  • Leases and occupancy agreements for the building

Property owners can notify OSE that short-term rentals are prohibited in their building.

Learn more about, and apply to, the Prohibited Building List.

Short-term rental registration is not required for:

  • Short-term rental listings for units in “Class B” multiple dwellings
  • Rentals for 30 consecutive days or more

Read more about OSE’s Class B list.

You can check the status of your registration application online.

  1. Log in to the Short-Term Rental Registration Portal.
  2. Click on “My Short-term Rental Application” to show the status.

Check your registration status.

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