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  • Discrimination to report discrimination involving an automated employment decision tool

An automated employment decision tool (AEDT) is a computer-based tool that uses machine learning, statistical modeling, data analytics, or artificial intelligence to substantially help with employment decisions. 

Under NYC law, employers or employment agencies that want to use an AEDT must:

  • Ensure a bias audit was done before using the tool
  • Post a summary of the results of the bias audit on their website 
  • Notify job candidates and employees that the tool will be used to assess them and include instructions to request a reasonable accommodation
  • Post on their website notice about the type and source of the data used for the tool and data retention policy

Learn more about automated employment decision tools.

File a Complaint

You can report an employer or employment agency that used an automated employment decision tool but did not:

  • Make sure the required bias audit was done or post a summary of the results of the bias audit 
  • Provide required notices

Your complaint must include:

  • Date of suspected violation
  • Details of the job posting or position, including name and location of employer or employment agency
  • Name and type of automated employment decision tool, if known
  • Notice provided, if any
  • Explanation of suspected violation

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for assistance.

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