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New York is proud to be one of the most diverse cities in the world.

At NYC311, we work to provide services in as many languages as possible.

NYC311 provides quick and easy access to City government services and information. We can help you with a broad range of services and issues, such as trash collection, parking tickets, and noise.

Contact us to learn about City services or to file Service Requests. You can connect with NYC311 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

NYC311 is for non-emergency City services. Call 911 for emergencies, such as crimes in progress or hazardous conditions, that require immediate response by the Police, Fire Department, or Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Both NYC311 and 911 can provide services in languages other than English with the help of interpreters.

The NYC311 Call Center offers service in more than 175 languages. We use an interpretation service to help us speak with callers in languages other than English.

To get help from NYC311:

  • Inside NYC: Dial 311
  • Outside NYC, including internationally: Dial +1-212-639-9675

When you call NYC311, your call will be answered by an automated system in English. About 30 seconds into the recording, you will hear a list of different language options. If you do not choose any of the options, your call will be transferred to a representative.

If you need help in a language other than English, ask the representative for an interpreter. The representative will bring an interpreter on the call to help you and the representative speak to each other.

NYC311 Online offers translation services through Google Translate. This tool can translate our website into more than 100 languages.

To use the tool, look for the translate icon in the upper right-hand corner of each page.

NYC311 website banner with translate icon.

Click on the icon, then select your language from the list.

For a complete list of the services NYC311 offers online, visit our NYC Resources page.

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