Call 911

Call 911 to report:

  • A medical or health-related emergency, or a person in need of medical assistance.
  • The sale of cannabis (marijuana) at an outside location.
  • The use of cannabis by a minor under 21.
  • The sale of cannabis to a minor under 21 in progress.

A license is required to cultivate cannabis or sell cannabis through a retail dispensary.

You can submit a complaint to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) Enforcement Unit about cannabis sales and products.

OCM will investigate:

  • Concerns about a business that sells cannabis products, such as:
    • Unlicensed business locations
    • Consumption in unauthorized areas
    • Sale of cannabis to a minor under 21 that occurred in the past
  • Concerns about a cannabis product, such as:
    • Product safety
    • Product mislabeling
    • Product formulation
    • Product expiration date

Your report should include as much detail as possible about the business and/or cannabis product.

Complaints are only accepted through an online form.

Submit a complaint to OCM.

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