City residents have several options to dispose of clothing and other textiles.

You are encouraged to donate or recycle clothing that is in good condition instead of putting it in the trash. You can donate through DonateNYC or recycle through refashionNYC.

You can throw out damaged clothing with regular trash.

Through the donateNYC website, you can search for places in your neighborhood and throughout the City where you can donate gently used clothing.

Visit donateNYC.

The refashionNYC service is a free and convenient way to donate and recycle clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories.

You can enroll your building to receive a refashionNYC collection bin. When the bin is full, you can contact the Department of Sanitation to request a free pickup.

The service is available to:

  • Apartment buildings with over 10 units
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial businesses (such as fashion industry, storage facilities, gyms, laundromats, and hotels)
  • Schools and institutions

Learn more about refashionNYC.

Enroll your building in refashionNYC.

Donation Bins

Bin Sizes

The refashionNYC donation bin is offered in two sizes:

  • Small (2 feet deep x 4 feet wide x 6 feet high)
  • Large (3 1/2 feet deep x 4 feet wide x 6 feet high)

RefashionNYC Bin Assistance

You can contact the Department of Sanitation for assistance with refashionNYC bins.

You can:

  • Request pickup for a full bin (guaranteed within five business days)
  • Get tax receipts
  • Have a bin removed from your building
  • Opt out of the clothing recycling service

Contact Sanitation by email at

RefashionNYC Brochure

You can get a brochure from Sanitation that explains how to recycle clothing, linens, shoes, and accessories through the refashionNYC program.

Get the refashionNYC brochure.

The curbside clothing/textiles collection program on Staten Island is suspended as of October 27, 2023. No new appointments can be made.

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