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The NYC Smart Compost pilot program allows residents to dispose of food scraps and yard waste at public compost bins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The organic waste collected through this program is taken to local and regional facilities to be composted on a large scale. Finished compost is used in NYC parks and gardens. Some of the collected organic waste will be converted into renewable energy.

Smart Composting bins are located in all five boroughs. DSNY operates and manages all Smart Compost bins in NYC, with the exception of bins in Lower Manhattan.

Learn more and find bin locations.

You can use a digital app to unlock the bins and drop off your compostable items. 

Download the Smart Compost app for:

Contact the Program

You can contact NYC Smart Compost customer service to:

  • Report a broken bin
  • Report a problem using the bin or digital app
  • Give feedback about the program
  • Get answers to any questions about the program

By Email

By Phone

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for assistance.

NYC Smart Compost bins in both neighborhoods accept the same items.

Food WasteFood-Soiled PaperYard Waste
FoodBagsGrass clippings


Coffee grounds and tea bagsCoffee filters and tea bags


Shells (seafood, nut, and egg)Napkins and paper towelsShrubs and bushes


Small twigs and branches
 Uncoated paper plates


You can also put BPI-certified compostable bags, bowls, and utensils in the bin.

Items Not Accepted

  • Trash, including
    • Diapers and hygienic products
    • Animal waste or kitty litter
    • Cellophane wrappers and packaging
    • Foam products
  •  Recyclables, including
    • Metal
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Beverage cartons
    • Clean recyclable paper
    • Cardboard

The Alliance for Downtown New York (ADNY) operates and manages the public compost bins in Lower Manhattan in partnership with DSNY.

ADNY empties the bins and sets the material out in a central location for DSNY to collect and take to a facility for composting. 

You must use a mobile app to unlock the bins and drop off your compostable items. 

Learn more and find bin locations.

Contact the Program

If you encounter issues while using the bin, please open the eGate Digi app and click on “Report an Error.” Fill out the error report and staff will check on the malfunction. 

You can report other problems, give feedback, or send any other questions about the Lower Manhattan pilot program to the Alliance for Downtown NY. 

Contact the Alliance for Downtown NY.

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