Owners and developers of certain new large residential buildings are required to submit a Waste Management Plan.

A Waste Management Plan outlines how buildings will comply with the City’s waste recycling, storage, and collection rules. It helps ensure that building owners consider how their residents’ waste will impact the quality of life of the surrounding area.

The plan must include:

  • Estimate of the amount of waste that will be created when operating at full capacity
  • Storage plan to ensure sanitary conditions between scheduled collections
  • Plan to keep recycling and compost separate from trash
  • Strategies that will be used to reduce the volume of waste that will be set out for curbside collection
  • How and where the material will be set out for collection
  • Education plan for tenants, including sign placement

Waste Management Plans are due at the same time as plans that include design drawings are submitted to the Department of Buildings (DOB).

Who Must Submit a Plan

You are required to submit a Waste Management Plan if your building has or will have at least 150 dwelling units and your project will:

  • Build a new multiple dwelling building
  • Increase an existing multiple dwelling’s floor surface area by more than 110%
  • Make alterations that change a commercial building’s DOB classification to a multiple dwelling

What Happens Next

The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will review your plan within 90 days. If your plan is rejected, you’ll have 60 days to modify it so it meets the Agency’s requirements.

You must schedule a consultation with DSNY to ensure your plan is complete and meets the requirements.

Learn more and submit your Waste Management Plan.

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