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You can learn about options for proving your COVID vaccination status. Businesses can learn how to validate the vaccination status of employees and customers.

You can also:

  • Get a replacement vaccination record (Not a replacement vaccination card)
  • Correct or verify a vaccination record

The Excelsior Pass and NYC COVID Safe Apps can be used to show proof of vaccination status and negative COVID-19 test results.

New York State’s Excelsior Pass provides secure, digital proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results. The Pass is only accepted in New York State.

The Excelsior Pass Plus provides the same information as the regular Excelsior Pass and also includes your vaccine type (including boosters/additional doses), vaccine site, and date of your vaccination, just like your CDC Vaccination Card. The inclusion of this health information enables you to have a verifiable record of your COVID-19 vaccination history for record-keeping and/or usage outside of New York State.

Anyone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine or negative test result in the State of New York is eligible for an Excelsior Pass, including children under 18 years old. Parents and legal guardians may retrieve and store Passes on behalf of children or minors under legal guardianship. Multiple Excelsior Passes for adults aged 18+ and children under 18 can be stored on the same device.

Businesses and entertainment venues can scan and validate your Pass to ensure you meet any COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements for entry. When using your Pass, you must also show a photo ID that shows your name and birth date to verify identity. Once you enter an establishment, you must continue to follow social distancing, face covering and hand hygiene guidelines.

        Participation in Excelsior Pass is voluntary. You can always show alternate proof of vaccination or testing, like another mobile application or paper form, directly at a business or venue.

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        Download the Excelsior Pass Wallet app for:

        Retrieve an Excelsior Pass

        To get your Pass, you will need to visit the Excelsior Pass Web Portal and provide:

        • Name
        • Date of birth
        • Telephone Number
        • Zip Code
        • Details related to your vaccination or testing history

        For Excelsior Pass Plus, you will also need to provide a valid phone number or email address in order to receive a PIN to verify your information.

        You can print your Excelsior Pass/Excelsior Pass Plus directly from the web portal, store the Pass to the New York State Excelsior Wallet app on your smartphone, and/or add the Pass to supported mobile phone wallets.

          Retrieve a Pass/Pass Plus from the Excelsior Pass Web Portal.

            Types of Passes

            There are three types of Passes:

            • The COVID-19 Vaccination Pass is available 15 days after the final dose of the vaccine was administered.
              • The regular Vaccination Pass is currently valid for 365 days after the final dose. 
              • The Vaccination Pass Plus does not expire.
            • The COVID-19 PCR Test Pass is valid until midnight on the third day after your test. After your COVID-19 PCR Test Pass expires, a new test is required to retrieve a new Pass.
            • The COVID-19 Antigen Test Pass is valid for 6 hours after your test. After your COVID-19 Antigen Test Pass expires, a new test is required to retrieve a new Pass.

            At this time, an Excelsior Vaccination Pass only includes an individual’s initial vaccine series. It does not include an individual’s booster dose and/or additional dose at this time.

            Assistance and Feedback

            If you were vaccinated at a New York City-run site and require a change to a vaccination record, you must email

            You can also get assistance and provide feedback for the Excelsior Pass support team.

            The support team:

            • Can submit a ‘record review’ for you and submit a technical support ticket.
            • Only provides technical help and does not have access to any personal health records.
            • Will not be able to provide specific details about personal eligibility for a Pass.


            Get assistance or provide feedback for Excelsior Pass.

            By Phone

            Call 311 for assistance.

            Many New York City employers, businesses, and venues require verification of immunization or weekly proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test for their employees and customers.

            You can use the NYC COVID Safe App to store and present the necessary documentation to verify that you have met these requirements. The documentation you upload into this app is not shared with anyone and stays on your phone only.

            The NYC Covid Safe App is particularly useful for people vaccinated outside of New York State, as they are currently ineligible to receive an Excelsior Pass.

            Download the NYC COVID Safe App on:

            If you received a COVID-19 vaccine shot in New York City but your record cannot be found, needs correction, or needs to be replaced, you should try the following steps:

            1. First, use the “My Vaccine Record” search tool to address the problem.
            2. Second, if you still need assistance, you can email the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at Staff will respond as quickly as possible, usually within 2 to 3 days.
            3. Third, only if you still need assistance and already tried steps 1 and 2, 311 can transfer you to the Bureau of Immunization.


            Access the "My Vaccine Record" search tool.

            By Phone

            Call 311 for assistance.




            Emergency Replacement Requests

            If you need a replacement vaccine record right away, you must send an email to explaining the reason for the urgency or emergency. 

            You should include in your email any supporting documentation showing the reason why you need your vaccine record right away.

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