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  • Restaurant or Bar Reopening Complaint to report restaurant or bar non-compliance with COVID-19 indoor and/or outdoor health and safety rules
  • Outdoor Dining Complaint to report an Open Restaurant blocking a street or sidewalk, with missing or defective barriers, ramps, or platforms, not accessible for people with disabilities, or missing a permit

As of Friday, March 19, all restaurants, bars, catering halls, clubs, manufacturers with tasting rooms, and other food service establishments in New York City may reopen indoor dining at 50% capacity. Outdoor dining, takeout and delivery are still allowed. 

Restaurants and bars are required to close indoor and outdoor dining from 11 PM to 5 AM daily. Takeout and delivery are still allowed after 11 PM, except for alcoholic beverages. 

Beginning Monday, April 19:

  • Indoor and outdoor dining must close from 12 AM to 5 AM daily
  • The curfew for catered events will be extended from midnight to 1 AM