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Career Discovery NYC is a website designed for New Yorkers to learn about specific careers, in specific industries, and the necessary skills needed to obtain employment in those occupations. If one of these careers interests you, you can access online, no-cost trainings for that career through Career Discovery NYC.

For each occupation that is featured on Career Discovery NYC you can:

  • Explore and learn about a new career that is in demand, including skill requirements and salary expectations.  
  • Discover the skills required for selected in-demand jobs and determine whether that career is a good fit for you while taking introductory courses.  
  • Prepare for an intensive training program and practice what you have learned.
  • Train, by applying to high quality trainings that can lead you to a new career.

Through Career Discovery NYC you can also access courses that will help you become more familiar with computers, using the internet to get a job, and improving your everyday online skills.

Visit the Career Discovery NYC website.

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