Call 911

Call 911 to report:

  • the use or sale of illegal drugs in progress, at an outside location.
  • a disorderly person, small or large group, including protestors, causing a hazardous or dangerous condition right now.
  • marijuana smoking in progress.
  • an emergency situation or condition that might cause danger to life or personal property.

The City has enacted public health social distancing restrictions to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You can report a violation in progress for the City to enforce as appropriate.

You can report:

  • A business or location is required to be closed
  • An essential business is open, but is not complying with necessary restrictions
  • Overcrowding at a business or location

To report non-essential construction in progress during the COVID-19 work stoppage, visit the Non-Essential Construction Complaint page.

Location Types

Location types include:

  • Bar, restaurant, or venue  
  • Barber, salon, tattoo, or personal care  
  • Office building  
  • Public space or gathering  
  • Park or playground
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Supermarket or grocery store

Social Distancing Restrictions

Social distancing restrictions include:

  • Keeping six feet away from others (non-family group members)
  • Not engaging in team sports
  • Not gathering in groups of more than 10
  • Non-essential businesses should be closed
  • Essential businesses that are open must follow necessary restrictions

Social Distancing in Parks

  • The City will increase social distancing in parks that have a mix of tight spaces and large crowds
  • The City will limit capacity at Hudson River Park Piers 45 and 46
  • And will increase NYPD presence and closely monitor Domino Park

Get information and guidance on essential services under the State Executive Order.

Gatherings of 10 or Fewer

Any gatherings of no more than 10 people will be allowed statewide beginning Friday, May 22nd.

Religious gatherings of no more than 10 people and drive-in and parking lot services will be allowed statewide beginning Thursday, May 21st.

You must still keep at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others and wear a mask or a face covering when social distancing is not possible. Social distancing guidelines and cleaning and disinfection guidelines required by the Department of Health must be followed.

Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.