Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) provide services to people who use drugs, including:

  • Syringe access
  • Naloxone access
  • Hepatitis C and HIV testing, care coordination, and referrals to other services
  • Health education
  • Hepatitis care coordination and treatment counseling

You can get a wallet-sized fold out palm card that explains more about SSPs. The palm card also includes:

  • A list of SSPs operating in New York City, along with their phone numbers, boroughs, and websites
  • Harm reduction safety tips to reduce the risk of overdose for people who use drugs (use with others, get naloxone, and avoid mixing drugs)
  • Information about fentanyl's presence in other drugs

The palm card is available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) to request a copy.

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