Call 911
Call 911 to report natural gas odors or other potential gas leaks.

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Owners of residential buildings are required to post a Notice of Procedure for Tenants Regarding Suspected Gas Leaks with information to advise tenants of the procedure they should follow then they suspect that a gas leak has occurred.

The notice must be:

  • Delivered to each tenant and prospective tenant of such dwelling (all tenant-occupied units, including 1- and 2- family homes) with the lease or lease renewal form for such tenant or prospective tenant AND 
  • Posted and maintained in a common area of the building 

Failure to post and to provide the appropriate notice can result in a violation being issued.

The notice advises tenants that when they suspect that a gas leak has occurred, they should take the following actions: 

  1. Quickly open nearby doors and windows and then leave the building immediately; do not attempt to locate the leak. Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances, do not smoke or light matches or lighters, and do not use a house-phone or cell-phone within the building; 
  2. After leaving the building, from a safe distance away from the building, call 911 immediately to report the suspected gas leak; 
  3. After calling 911, call the gas service provider for this building.


Download a sample gas leak notice for suspected gas leaks only.

Download a sample combined notice for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and gas leak notice.

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