Shred Fest is an annual City event usually held on a May weekend. 

At Shred Fest you can:

  • Safely shred papers containing personal information for free using shredding trucks
  • Get free identity theft prevention tips

On each day of Shred Fest, shredding trucks will be available at locations throughout the City starting at 10 AM and lasting until 4 PM, or until trucks fill, which may be sooner.

    Learn more about Shred Fest.

    Bring to Shred Fest:

    • Bank statements that are at least one year old and do not contain tax-related information 
    • Pay stubs (only after you receive your Form W-2)
    • Credit card applications
    • Any other papers you no longer need to save that contain your Social Security number, account numbers, password/PIN information, birth date, private contact information, and signature

    Do NOT bring to Shred Fest:

    • Books
    • Old toys
    • Electronics
    • Any item that is not paper
    • Wet paper

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