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Per Local Law 117 of 2018 and Local Law 44 of 2022, property owners of rental apartments with gas powered stoves are required to:

  1. Notify tenants about the availability of stove knob safety devices and
  2. Provide stove knob safety devices for apartments where a child under 6 years of age lives at the request of the tenant.

Types of safety devices include:

  • Removable stove knob covers (which go over the existing stove knob)
  • Permanent stove safety knobs with integrated locking mechanisms

Tenants in apartments without a child under 6 living there may also request covers.  

If you want child proof stove knob covers, you should respond to the owner's notification or write to the owner at any time to request them, and the landlord or super must provide them. You do not have to give a reason for your request.

You or someone on your behalf can make a complaint that your landlord or building manager refused to provide child proof stove knob covers. You must provide your contact information.

Owners must provide child proof stove knob safety devices (either temporary or permanent as requested by the tenant) when a tenant requests them, regardless of whether a child under 6 years of age lives in the apartment.

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