Residents of three quarter houses can get information about inspections of these houses and actions taken to relocate certain individuals to temporary housing.

Three quarter houses are currently being inspected to address safety concerns, including overcrowding, and to improve living conditions.

In some houses, occupants may be asked to move to temporary housing in order to address crowding issues. Individuals who are relocated receive case management assistance and other services, including help finding permanent affordable housing.


Email the Human Resources Administration.

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.

Currently, there is limited temporary housing available. At each three quarter house where relocation may be required, residents will be asked if they are willing to be considered for relocation to other housing.

For those residents who are relocated:

  • Temporary housing will be provided at no cost.
  • You will be allowed to bring your belongings with you.
  • You will receive assistance moving to the temporary housing.
  • Case managers at the temporary housing will help you find permanent housing that meets your needs.

For residents who did NOT volunteer to be relocated and afterwards changed their mind:

  • Because of limited temporary housing, it is not possible to relocate everyone who would like to move.
  • The City will continue to work with the managers and owners of three quarter houses to address safety violations.

All temporary housing has been inspected for safety and has on-site security. Most temporary housing will have no more than two people per room.

If the inspector arrives at your home on the same day that you have an appointment with HRA, Career Services providers, WeCARE or other treatment, and you cannot attend your appointment because of your three quarter housing assessment or relocation, you may remain at the three quarter house and our on-site staff will work to excuse you from your appointment. Let the inspector know about your appointment, so they can ensure your program is notified.