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If the City performs sidewalk repairs and the property owner is not satisfied with the quality of the work, the amount of work that was done, or the accuracy of the measurements used to calculate the bill, the property owner should make an appeal to the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

All appeals must be in writing. Telephone calls and personal visits will not be considered appeals.

The protest should include specific details of the disagreement. The DDC should respond to an appeal within 30 business days.

If the response by the Department of Design and Construction is not satisfactory, you should then file a Notice of Claim with the NYC Office of the Comptroller.

If the Comptroller does not rule in the property owner's favor, a Petition of Appeal must be filed with the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) with the New York State Supreme Court.

*Important: All of these procedures must be followed in the exact order outlined above.

Submit a Protest to DDC


File an appeal with the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

By Mail

Department of Design and Construction
Queens Borough Office
30-30 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
(Between 30th Place and 31st Street)

Please note:
DDC does not issue sidewalk violations. For more information on reasons a sidewalk violation may be issued, please visit the NYC Department of Transportation website.

The Notice of Claim must be filed with the Comptroller within one year of the billing date for work made on the sidewalk.

To learn about filing a claim with the Comptroller's Office, go to the City Claim page.

If the Comptroller's Office does not find in the property owner’s favor, the property owner may file a Petition of Appeal at the New York State Supreme Court, Small Claims Assessment Review Part. The petition forms are available online and are provided upon request, at no cost, by the County Clerk's office

To be eligible, the property owner must allege that at least 30 days have passed since the Notice of Claim was presented to the Office of the Comptroller and that they did not make a determination or denied the claim.


The forms are free of charge, but there is a $30 filing fee.

File a Petition with NY State Supreme Court.

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