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If a child has moved and requires a new school:

If you want to transfer your child to a different public school, you can discuss the need for transfer with a staff member at your child's school, at a Family Welcome Center, or at a Temporary Enrollment Site.

Schools are required to meet with families to review transfer requests and provide supporting documentation when a transfer is warranted. Parents must then bring the required documentation to a Family Welcome Center or a Temporary Enrollment Site. Once the completed documents are submitted, staff will review the request, and if approved, will identify a different placement that addresses the request.

Generally, transfers are granted for documented travel, safety, or medical hardship.


Learn more about transfer requests.

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.




Family Welcome Center

If assistance is not available through a guidance counselor, you can get assistance at a Family Welcome Center.

Transfer to School Outside NYC

To transfer your child to a school outside New York City, contact the school that your child is going to attend.

If your child is enrolled in a school identified as "in need of improvement," you can apply to transfer them to a different public school. If your child is eligible, you will receive a letter with application instructions in the spring.

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