Owners of residential buildings are required to post a temporary notice with emergency information in the common area of the building:

  • Prior to the arrival of a weather emergency 
  • After a natural disaster 
  • After being informed that a utility outage will last for more than 24 hours

The notice must include whether the posting is due to a Building Utility Outage, Emergency Evacuation Event or High Wind Event. The notice should be updated by the owner as needed, and removed after the weather emergency, natural disaster, or utility outage event has ended.

The notice must also contain:

  • Contact information for building personnel 
  • Contact information to report utility outages
  • A list of services that will be available during building utility outages
  • Emergency evacuation information, if applicable
  • A reminder to remove non-permanent objects from the roof, balconies, or windows during high wind events

You can get a sample notice online or by mail.


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