A licensed master fire suppression contractor can schedule a range hood or micro switch inspection or re-inspection. A business owner or owner's representative can request a re-inspection that does not require a re-test. 

By law, commercial cooking equipment must have independent exhaust systems. Range hood systems must be inspected to make sure that they comply with the Fire Code and that gas or electric service is secured before cooking can begin.

Before you request an inspection, you must have:

  • Copies of an approved PW-1 application
  • Work permit application
  • Work permit
  • Installer's affidavit
  • FDNY approval

You can schedule an inspection online through FDNY Business. Log into FDNY Business.

New York City conducts a range hood micro switch re-test after you fail an initial test and are issued a violation to make repairs to the system.

A re-test is required to secure final approval from the FDNY before any cooking operations can begin. Only a licensed master fire suppression contractor can request an inspection for the micro switch re-test.

In the case of hardship, you can schedule an emergency overtime test Monday to Friday after 4 PM. The licensed master fire suppression contractor must make this request in writing.

The City will bill the contractor for the additional overtime expense.

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