The NYC Secure App is a free, City-funded mobile app that will alert users when their mobile devices encounter threats and offer recommendations on how to address the threat.

The goal of the app is to defend New Yorkers from malicious cyber activity on mobile devices by detecting risks and threats on the device that are associated with dangerous network connections or apps.

Learn more, get technical assistance, and give feedback about the NYC Secure Mobile App.

Download the NYC Secure App for:

  • Android
    • The operating system should be Android v4.1 and above.
  • iPhone or iPad
    • The operating system should be iOS v9.0 and above.

NYC Secure will detect threats in real time and put you in control of how your device interacts with the networks you use.

No Wi-Fi connection is needed to detect a threat, so alerts are immediate.

Alerts will fall under three categories:

  • Device alerts: Notifies you about settings or activity that could potentially put your device at risk
  • Network Alerts: Notifies you about potentially compromised networks you are connected to
  • App Alerts (Android only): Notifies you about apps you have installed that could compromise your device's security

If you use the NYC Secure App, you will receive recommended steps to protect yourself, such as:

  • Disconnecting from an unsafe Wi-Fi network
  • Navigating away from a compromised website
  • Uninstalling an app that has been identified as problematic

When you receive an alert from your phone, you decide what action to take. This will help empower users and lead to a more secure online experience.

You will not be asked to provide any information about yourself to download the app.

The NYC Secure app does not collect or store personally identifiable information. 

No login credentials or personal information is required to download, use, or benefit from the mobile threat detection services that the app offers its users.

Neither the City nor the app developers will see or have access to any information about you or your device.

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