The application period for the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) has closed.

MAP provides interest-free, deferred repayment loans to City homeowners at risk of foreclosure. 

The MAP loan is repaid when you re-finance, sell, or otherwise transfer your home. If you remain in your home without refinancing, the MAP loan is due at the end of your first or second mortgage term, whichever is longer. In some cases, MAP loans may be forgivable. Specific terms can be found in the MAP mortgage.

If you receive MAP funds, you can get assistance.


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By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.

MAP funds can be used to:

  • Reinstate an affordable mortgage 
  • Provide a good faith payment and/or the repayment of arrears on a modification that does not qualify for the "Making Home Affordable" program 
  • Pay off a second loan once the first mortgage has been modified or is otherwise affordable 

MAP funds cannot be used to pay consumer debts, municipal debts, or municipal liens.