Intercity buses offer low-cost scheduled service into or out of the City, using curb side bus stop locations for loading or unloading passengers.

The following are not considered intercity buses:

  • School buses
  • Charter buses
  • MTA buses providing public transportation
  • Private bus operators under contract to provide public transportation

If you operate or wish to operate an intercity bus, you must have a permit from the New York City Department of Transportation. The permit allows bus operators with scheduled service into or out of the City to use curbside bus stop locations for loading or unloading passengers.

You can apply for Intercity Bus Permits online. You can also get a complete list of approved Intercity Bus locations.

    Learn more about Intercity Bus Permits.

    View a list of approved Bus Stop Permits.

    You must submit an application online for each proposed bus stop location for loading and unloading of passengers.

    You must include: 

    • Bus operator contact information 
    • Federal and State Motor Carrier Identification Numbers for each bus 
    • Proposed bus stop location and two alternate locations 
    • Schedule of bus service to and from proposed locations
    • Number of passengers expected for each bus
    • Vehicle type 
    • Planned route into and out of the City 
    • Bus layover or storage location when not in operation

    The permit process can take up to 150 days after you provide all of the required information. Bus stop permits are valid for a period of up to three years.

    Criteria for Approving an Intercity Bus Stop Location

    Permitted locations are determined by criteria related to: 

    • Traffic and pedestrian flow
    • Public health and safety 
    • Community Board and affected agencies' feedback

    Authorized Intercity bus operators are required to:

    • Have an Intercity Bus permit visibly displayed in the bus
    • Have the Intercity Bus operator name visible on the doors or side panels of the bus
    • Stop only at Bus Stop locations designated by the Department of Transportation by signage
    • Stop at curbside designated locations, parallel to the curb and not blocking the traffic driving lane

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