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Find out who should get tested and vaccinated, and the treatments for Hepatitis A, B, and C. Get information to learn more.

You can get tested for Hepatitis A, or get a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis A.

People who should get the Hepatitis A vaccine include:

  • Children between 1 and 19 years of age
  • People with chronic liver disease, including Hepatitis B or C
  • People with HIV
  • People who inject drugs
  • Men who have sex with men

People who are traveling to a developing country. Vaccines for travel may not be offered at all facilities. You can get information for travel vaccines by phone.

If you get Hepatitis A, there is no specific treatment. Your body will heal itself within 6 months with no lasting damage. If you are experiencing symptoms, such as feeling tired, you should rest and avoid alcohol.

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You should get tested for Hepatitis B if you:

  • Were born, or your parents were born, in a part of the world where Hepatitis B is common (Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, South America, and the Caribbean)
  • Are pregnant
  • Live with people who have Hepatitis B
  • Have sex with people who have Hepatitis B
  • Are a child of a Hepatitis B-positive mother
  • Have abnormal liver tests
  • Have other forms of hepatitis
  • Have HIV
  • Are a man who has sex with men
  • Have ever injected drugs or shared drug use equipment

Getting Vaccinated

People who should get vaccinated for Hepatitis B include:

  • All babies at birth
  • All unvaccinated children under age 19
  • People with chronic liver disease (including Hepatitis C)
  • People who live with someone who has Hepatitis B
  • Men who have sex with men
  • People with more than 1 sex partner in the last 6 months
  • People whose sex partner has Hepatitis B
  • Health care workers
  • People with HIV, or a history of having a sexually transmitted disease
  • People who inject drugs


You can get treatment if you have Hepatitis B. Medical treatment for Hepatitis B may slow or prevent development of liver disease.

You will be helped regardless of your immigration status.

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You can get tested for Hepatitis C. There is no vaccine to prevent the disease, and you are never immune.

You should get tested for Hepatitis C if you:

  • Were born between 1945 and 1965
  • Have ever injected or inhaled (snorted) drugs, hormones, steroids, silicon or cosmetics - even if it was once a long time ago
  • Had a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992
  • Are HIV-Positive
  • Were born in, or had a blood transfusion or medical procedure in, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, or the former Soviet Republic
  • Are the child of a Hepatitis C-positive mother
  • Got a tattoo or piercing from anyone other than a licensed professional
  • Have had abnormal liver tests or were told you have liver disease
  • Have ever been on long-term dialysis
  • Have been exposed to blood or stuck with a needle while working
  • Have ever been incarcerated
  • Are a man who has sex with men
  • Have sex with multiple partners


Oral medications can cure Hepatitis C in 2-3 months, with few side effects. You can get low-cost or free care and treatment at several City facilities.

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