The Human Resources Administration (HRA) operates New York City’s municipal cemetery at Hart Island. Hart Island is located in the Long Island Sound, near City Island in the Bronx.

Hart Island serves as the City’s public cemetery. If a person dies in New York City and their remains are not claimed, or cannot be identified by the Medical Examiner's Office, they will be buried at the municipal cemetery.

You can get information about Hart Island, including how to arrange a visit, and search burial records for an individual buried on Hart Island.

Online records are only available for burials after 1976.


Learn more about Hart Island Cemetery.

Use the Hart Island Lookup Service.

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  • Agency: Human Resources Administration
  • Division: General Support Services – Hart Island Operations
  • Phone Number: (929) 221-6860
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

If someone was buried at Hart Island, their death certificate will say "City Burial" or "Hart Island" in the burial information.

You can get a copy of a death certificate from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene or from the City's Municipal Archives, depending on the year of death.

Get a death certificate for an individual who died in New York City since 1949.

Get a death certificate for an individual who died in New York City between 1855 and 1949. 

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