Drywells are required for the on-site disposal of storm water for any new building or other substantial horizontal enlargement that is to be constructed on a property where no public street storm sewer or combined sewer is located directly in front of the property. This is a critical part of any development in the prevention of flooding adjacent properties and surrounding areas.

The Department of Buildings (DOB) Drywell Pilot Project was designed to monitor the design and installation of drywells throughout Queens. Although DOB monitored various projects at random through site analysis, design and construction, site Engineers and Contractors were not relieved of their professional responsibility. After analyzing the results of the initiative, DOB has discontinued the program.

As of March 2016, DOB no longer requires advance notification of a drywell installation. Additionally, the required DOB inspections and spot checks done during an installation are no longer required.

All other installation requirements remain. You can get additional information:


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