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Dogs are not allowed inside restaurants unless they are service animals. This rule helps prevent unsanitary conditions that can cause a food safety issue.

Restaurants may allow dogs in outdoor areas. They are not required to do so.

You can bring a non-service dog into a restaurant only if you are sitting in an outdoor seating area.


  • Must be on a leash or in a crate.
  • May not eat at the table.
  • May not be served using dishes or utensils that are intended for customers.
  • May only eat or drink from single-use, disposable containers provided by the restaurant. You may not feed a dog using pet dishes you brought from home.

If these rules are not being followed, it's considered an unsanitary condition and a health code violation. You can file a complaint on the Food Safety Complaint page.

Download the "Dining with Dogs" fact sheet.

Read the law for dogs in outdoor dining areas.

Service Dogs

Service animals are dogs that are trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

By law, businesses open to the public must allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas where the public can go. This is regardless of whether the dog is wearing a service tag or not.

Businesses can ask if a dog is a service dog and what task the dog performs. They cannot ask for any proof of disability or service animal certification.

You can file a complaint if you have a service animal and were denied access to a public place or facility. Learn how to report a public accommodation complaint on the Discrimination page.

If a dog is in a food establishment but is not a service dog, it is a health code violation. You can report it on the Food Safety Complaint page.

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