The Dockless Bike Share Pilot Program allows dockless bike companies to offer bikes in three neighborhoods in the outer boroughs.  

Bikes will arrive on a rolling basis to streets in pilot program neighborhoods. The program is bringing dockless bike sharing to:

  • The Rockaways in Queens
  • Staten Island - North Shore
  • Central Bronx - Fordham area

Eventually, each neighborhood will host a minimum of 200 bikes. The bike sharing companies participating in the pilot are JUMP, Lime, and Motivate.

Learn more about dockless bike sharing, including pilot areas, participating companies, and pricing.

Three bike sharing companies are currently participating in the pilot. In addition to regular pedal bikes, some companies also offer pedal-assist bikes.

Bikes must remain within the pilot boundaries during the pilot.

Pilot Areas

The following companies are offering bike sharing in these neighborhoods:

Central Bronx - Fordham

  • JUMP
    • Provides red lock-to pedal-assist bikes 
  • Motivate
    • Provides blue free-locking pedal bikes

Queens - Rockaways

  • Lime
    • Provides green free-locking pedal bikes and pedal-assist bikes

Staten Island - North Shore

  • JUMP
    • Provides red lock-to pedal-assist bikes 
  • Lime
    • Provides green free-locking pedal bikes and pedal-assist bikes

Pilot Program Evaluation

The Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) in December 2017 seeking ideas around next-generation dockless public bike share systems. Twelve different dockless companies initially responded to the RFEI.

During the pilot, DOT will evaluate companies' compliance with requirements around data accessibility and user privacy. Evaluation criteria will also include the safety, availability, and durability of the bikes themselves. DOT will also determine possible implementation of future pilots in different or expanded geographic areas.

The City will continue to support and strengthen Citi Bike, including increased coverage in preparation for the L train disruption in 2019.  All of the new dockless systems will be required to operate entirely outside of the Citi Bike area in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, so that the current bike share services are not duplicated.

JUMP (Central Bronx - Fordham and Staten Island)

  • $2 per 30 minutes (Standard Plan)
  • $4 per hour (prorated to the minute, for trips beyond a Standard Plan 30-minute trip)
  • Boost Plan: $5 per month for 60 minutes of riding per day, plus additional time charged at the $4 hourly rate listed above. You qualify for this plan if you are a NYCHA resident or have Access NYC Heat and Utility Assistance, an MTA low-income pass, or NYC SNAP.

Lime (The Rockaways, Queens and Staten Island)

  • Regular pedal bike: $1 per 30 minutes
  • Pedal-assist bikes: $1 to unlock and then 15 cents per minute
  • If you are a recipient of a state or federal assistance program, you can get a 95% discount on Lime pedal bike rides and a 50% discount on Lime pedal-assist bike rides. You can email Lime at for more information.

Motivate (Central Bronx - Fordham)

  • $2 per 30 minutes

Depending on the type of bike you use, you must lock and park your bike in a certain way. The pilot program offers two types of bikes: lock-to and free-locking. If you need more help, contact the bike share company’s customer service.

Lock-to Bikes

Lock-to bikes must be locked to a bicycle rack. JUMP offers lock-to bikes.

Free-locking Bikes

Free-locking bikes lock to themselves and can be parked anywhere within the guidelines. Free-locking bikes are offered by Lime and Motivate. 

When you've finished riding a free-locking bike, you must park it on the sidewalk and in-line with other structures on the sidewalk. You can park next to a tree pit, bike rack, Citybench, or other street furniture. You can't attach it to a street sign or leave it on a boardwalk.

Leave a clear, unobstructed pathway of 6 feet or more (about the length of a bike) for pedestrians to pass on the sidewalk.

Bikes can remain parked in one location until their next use.

If you lose a bike, you will be charged a penalty.

  • JUMP bikes: $1,600
  • Lime: $600 for pedal bikes, $2,000 for pedal-assist bikes. A $25 service fee will also be added.
  • Motivate (Citi Bike) bikes: $1,200

Certain pedal-assist bicycles may be legally operated on New York City streets.  

Pedal-assist bicycles are defined as bicycles that have fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1 horsepower). The electric motor can only engage when the operator is pedaling and going less than 20 miles per hour, and disengages or stops to function when the operator brakes, stops pedaling, or when the bicycle reaches a speed of 20 miles per hour. Pedal-assist bicycles cannot be equipped with any throttle capacity or have additional motorized equipment attached to it.

The pedal-assist bicycle must have an original label, provided by the bicycle or electric motor manufacturer, that states the maximum motor-assisted speed and motor wattage of the bicycle. Pedal-assist bicycles that have been modified are not considered to be pedal-assist bicycles and may not be operated on NYC streets.

The Police Department enforces traffic rules on City streets and in Central Park.

Any cyclist not obeying all traffic rules may be issued a Traffic Violation by a police officer.

Riding on a Sidewalk

Do not ride a Citi Bike on the sidewalk.

Cyclists may receive a summons for riding on a City sidewalk.

More Information

Learn more about the City's Bike Rules and Safety guidelines.

There are three companies operating Dockless Bike Share Pilot Programs. Each company is responsible for customer service regarding pricing, system operations, and equipment maintenance and repairs.

You can contact the Dockless Bike Share Pilot vendors for more information.

Dockless Bike Share Companies


  • Operates in Central Bronx - Fordham and Staten Island - North Shore
  • Provides red lock-to pedal-assist bikes

  • Agency: JUMP
  • Phone Number: (833) 300-6106
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • You can also send an email to


  • Operates in Staten Island - North Shore and the Rockaways in Queens
  • Provides green free-locking pedal bikes and pedal-assist bikes

  • Agency: Lime
  • Phone Number: (888) 546-3345
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • You can also send an email to


  • Operates in Central Bronx - Fordham
  • Provides blue free-locking pedal bikes

  • Agency: Motivate
  • Phone Number: (855) 245-3311
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • You can also send an email to