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The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Carshare program provides dedicated parking spaces for the use of eligible carshare organizations. These parking spaces are located at curbside locations and in municipal parking facilities citywide.

Carshare members may reserve a vehicle, walk up to the car at their reservation time, and drive away, returning later to the same reserved spot.

The following companies are participating in DOT’s Carshare program:

  • Getaround
  • Truqit
  • Zipcar

You must apply directly to a company for a Carshare membership.

Learn more about DOT's Carshare Program.

Carshare is a service that gives its members short-term use of a car, usually by the minute or hour.

Carshare companies typically provide round-trip service, where members borrow and return cars at the same location. 

Carshare benefits the environment and residents by: 

  • Improving local air quality 
  • Reducing congestion 
  • Lowering household transportation costs 
  • Improving mobility options for New Yorkers 

On-street and off-street carshare parking space are available citywide. You can get a list of locations online.

Find a Carshare parking location.

Carshare members are responsible for paying for all tolls, traffic or parking tickets while using a carshare vehicle.

Members must also pick up and drop off vehicles to the same location.

Only Carshare vehicles may park in Carshare parking spaces.

If you parked your own car in a carshare parking space, it is considered an illegally parked vehicle. The NYPD is authorized to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles.

The carshare company operating the service at that location can relocate a parked vehicle from its carshare parking space to the nearest available lawful on-street parking space at no charge to the carshare member or car owner.

The location of towed or relocated vehicles will be shared with the nearest NYPD precinct to that carshare parking space.

Carshare companies participating in the program provide mobility options for customers with disabilities.

The companies must provide a vehicle with professionally installed hand controls to any carshare member within 48 hours of the request.

The company whose logo is on the carshare parking space curb regulation sign is responsible for carshare operations at its parking spaces. 

You should contact the carshare company directly if you have questions or problems with:

  • Finding the car
  • Unlocking the car
  • Starting a trip
  • Operating the car
  • Ending a trip if a carshare parking space is blocked by an illegally parked vehicle

The company whose logo is on the carshare parking space curb regulation sign is responsible for maintaining the space.

The company must clean the curb within the carshare parking spaces and 15 feet on either side of the site to the same quality and frequency as adjacent alternate side parking regulations. Carshare companies are also responsible for removing ice or snow within 24 hours after an ice or snow event. 

DOT is responsible for cleaning, repairing, or replacing damaged signs.

You can report maintenance issues with signs and spaces to DOT.

Contact the Department of Transportation.

You can make a complaint or provide feedback to DOT about the Carshare Program, including:

  • General complaints or comments about the program
  • Complaints or comments about specific carshare parking locations
  • Suggestions for locations of future carshare parking spaces
  • Maintenance issues at carshare parking locations, such as graffiti, trash, and ice or snow removal


Contact the Department of Transportation.

By Phone

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for help.

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