The IDNYC card helps connect New Yorkers to services and programs.

Services include:

  • Entry into City buildings
  • Access to City services
  • Cultural institution memberships
  • Services for veterans

Discounts include:

  • Citywide entertainment discounts
  • Select health and fitness center discounts
  • Grocery discounts at select stores
  • Pharmacy discounts
  • Transportation discounts
  • Additional discounts for veterans

The IDNYC card can serve as your:

  • Health + Hospitals (H+H) patient ID card
  • Library card for all public libraries
  • Proof of identity to City agencies, schools, and police
  • Proof of identity for taking the High School Equivalency Exam

Many IDNYC benefit partners will honor cards that have expired after March 12, 2020.

You should contact IDNYC partners as the following may have changed:

  • Hours of operation
  • Access to benefits

The IDNYC card does not let you:

  • Drive
  • Buy alcohol or tobacco
  • Apply for public assistance
  • Travel by airplane

The IDNYC card does not:

  • Confer immigration status
  • Provide work authorization
  • Provide proof of identity to obtain a driver's license or a non-driver State ID

Learn more about IDNYC benefits.

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