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If the Department of Sanitation has never previously collected at an address or if the location has been vacant for a time, you must request trash collection.

New trash collection requests are required for:

  • New residential construction
  • Renovation of previously vacant residential buildings
  • Residential conversions of old commercial or industrial buildings
  • New locations for non-profit institutions

Sanitation does not collect from the front of a vacant lot, even if it's designated for residential use.

    Request New Collection Services

    Your trash collection request must include:

    • Contact name
    • Daytime phone number
    • A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy

    Non-profit organizations do not need to include a copy of their Certificate of Occupancy but must include documentation of non-profit tax exempt status and one of the following:

    • A Notice of Assessment Statement from the Department of Finance verifying tax real estate tax exempt status of their premises
    • A letter from a City Agency stating that the agency funds the non-profit at the address where service is being requested

    It normally takes about 2 weeks to receive a response.

    Submit your request:


    Request trash and recycling collection service for a private residence or non-profit organization.

    By Mail

    Send your request and required documents to:

    Department of Sanitation
    Office of Collection Services
    125 Worth Street, Room 700
    New York, NY 10013

    By Fax

    Submit your request and required documents to (212) 788-3915.

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