It is illegal to place car tires in the trash. However, you can set out bicycle tires with your trash.

You can bring tires to any business that sells them. New York State law requires businesses that sell tires to take back used tires for recycling. These businesses include:

  • Tire shops
  • Auto parts stores
  • Vehicle repair shops
  • New car dealerships

The Department of Sanitation will accept up to four tires from passenger vehicles at Special Waste Sites. Learn more on the Special Waste Disposal page.

DSNY District Garages will also accept up to four car tires Monday through Saturday, 10 AM - 5:30 PM, except holidays. 

Get a list of DSNY District Garages.

DSNY facilities will accept tires from NYC residents with a valid New York State driver's license and a valid New York State vehicle registration both with New York City addresses. No commercial vehicles are allowed.

Tires do not have to be removed from rims. 

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