You can make a complaint about the behavior or operation of a Department of Sanitation (DSNY) worker or vehicle, including:

  • Cleaning and collection workers
  • Enforcement agents
  • Garbage trucks (color must be white)
  • Street sweepers
  • Salt spreaders
  • Snow plows

What You Can Report

You can report:

  • Physical altercations
  • Verbal altercations or exchanges (including foul language or service refusal)
  • Lewd behavior
  • Urinating in public
  • Speeding
  • Hazardous operation of a vehicle
  • Idling vehicles and vehicles blocking traffic for more than 15 minutes

You must have observed the issue or incident directly to report it.

If you're experiencing issues with collection or cleaning services, please use the following pages instead:

What You Can't Report

You can't report:

  • Cars, driveways, or sidewalks blocked by snow plowing
  • Sanitation workers throwing snow into the street.
  • Vehicles blocking traffic or idling during a snow operation or drill

What You Need

You must provide your contact information and indicate the type of worker or vehicle causing the issue.

If possible, please include:

  • Employee name or ID number
  • License plate or vehicle number
  • Summons number if you received a ticket

Call 311 for assistance.

Night Collections

During the winter months, there is at least one crew in each district doing regular collections overnight so that there is always staff available if a snow or ice condition arises.

Snow Plow Operator Complaints

You cannot report plowed snow that is blocking driveways or parked cars.

Snow Thrown Into Street By a Sanitation Worker

Complaints are not accepted against Sanitation workers throwing snow into the street.

When temperatures are above freezing and are expected to be above freezing for a period of time, Sanitation crews may be engaged in scattering operations to breakdown piles and encourage melting. Sanitation equipment is used to break the snow down further so it is not a driving hazard.

Vehicles Idling or Blocking Streets Before or During Snow

As a normal part of snow preparation, Sanitation vehicles may be parked in strategic locations before a storm. They may also block traffic during snow piling and hauling operations.

Complaints are not accepted for these vehicles being parked before the start of a snow event, or for blocking traffic during snow operations. You also cannot make a complaint about these vehicles during a snow drill.

Further, the City does not accept complaints for cars, driveways, or sidewalks blocked by plowing.

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