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The Department for the Aging (NYC Aging) provides funding to some community-based organizations which provide transportation services for older adults over 60.

You can find an organization in your neighborhood that provides transportation to:

  • Older Adult Centers (formerly known as senior centers)
  • Educational and recreational activities
  • Essential medical and social service appointments

Find senior transportation.

Contact them by phone. If you get the voicemail system, leave a message with your contact information and you'll get a call back.

Reduced-Fare MetroCards

For information about reduced-fare MetroCards for people who are 65 or older, visit the Buses and Subways page instead.

NYC Aging provides transportation by school bus from participating Older Adult Centers to major supermarkets. Market Ride is a free bus service available to older adults 60 and older who are members of a participating Older Adult Center.

Bus service is usually scheduled monthly. If you would like bus rides for food shopping, you should contact your local Older Adult Center to confirm that the center participates in the Market Ride program.

Find an OIder Adult Center.

Contact them by phone. If you get the voicemail system, leave a message with your contact information and you will get a call back.

You can make a complaint about the policies, services, and employees of community-based transportation providers that serve older adults age 60 and older and receive funding from NYC Aging.

NYC Aging does not fund ambulette services or Access-A-Ride. NYC Aging cannot accept complaints about services they do not fund, such as:

  • Ambulettes
  • Access-A-Ride
  • Car service companies
  • Taxis
  • Public buses
  • Subways

To make a complaint about ambulettes provided by Medicaid, go to the Medical Transportation for Medicaid Clients page.

To make a complaint about other ambulettes, go to the Car Service Complaint page.

  • Agency: Department for the Aging
  • Division: Aging Connect
  • Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Call volume is often high. If you get a busy signal, try again later or email Agents are available during business hours.

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