The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) regulates the use of tanning machines (UV devices) in businesses that charge fees, directly or indirectly, for their use.

You can make a complaint about:

  • Tanning equipment not working properly
  • Minors tanning
  • Injury or illness from using a tanning machine
  • Improper operation of a tanning machine
  • Improper supervision of a tanning customer
  • Health risk information not provided to customer

Complaints are NOT accepted about membership problems or general unsanitary conditions at health clubs or any other business providing tanning services.

Direct or Indirect Fees

A direct fee is paid specifically for the use of tanning machines. An indirect fee would include fees paid to hotels, condominiums, private clubs, or apartment buildings, where tanning machines are provided for members, guests, or residents.

Age of Consent for Tanning

Operators must require a government-issued proof of age for any customer 18 years or older. They must get a signed parental consent form for anyone 17 years of age. 

No one under 17 years of age may use a tanning (UV) device in New York City.

Learn about the health risks of indoor tanning.

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