Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert

New enrollment of home delivered meals are not being accepted until further notice.

The Department for the Aging (DFTA)-funded Home Delivered Meals Programs continues to operate for existing clients only. No new referrals are being accepted.

However, DFTA can re-enroll an adult age 60 and older by registering them in an emergency home meal delivery program, if they are eligible. This program would deliver nutritionally balanced meals to the enrolled older adult’s home.

You can request meals delivered to your home, cancel the service, or make complaints about the quality of food or service.

The Department for the Aging will follow up on reports that an older adult did not receive his or her regularly scheduled meal delivery.

The Department for the Aging does not have a contract with "God's Love We Deliver" and does not accept complaints about missed deliveries from this agency.

Meals may be delivered in packages of five meals and as late as 6 PM. In some areas of the city, weekend meals are delivered ahead of time during the weekday.

You can make a complaint about programs that provide home delivered meals for older adults age 60 or older and the quality of the food they deliver. 

The Department for the Aging does not have a contract with "God's Love We Deliver" and does not accept complaints about this agency.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.

You can get assistance if you are an older adult who wants to stop receiving meals at home. 

Senior Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Senior Centers can provide help with cancelling your home delivered meals. 

Use Site Finder to search for a Senior CBO or Senior Center. Contact them by phone. If you get the voicemail system, leave a message with your contact information and you'll get a call back.