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You can report dust from roadwork, construction, demolition, renovation, or another source.

What You Need

You must provide your contact information so DEP can contact you, if necessary. DEP cannot action the Service Request without it.

Report poor air quality outdoors due to dust from:

Picture or Video Attachments

Picture or video attachments may be used for informational purposes only. A condition must be observed in person by a DEP inspector for a summons or Commissioner's order to be issued.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) accepts reports from tenants about dust from construction or renovation work being performed in residential buildings as well in commercial and other non-residential buildings. You can report construction dust anywhere inside the building, including inside an apartment, the lobby, and other common areas. The City will review your report and may inspect the property.

The dust must be from new or ongoing construction or renovation which is taking place inside the building.

For complaints about dust inside your apartment, DOHMH must have your contact information including your apartment and your phone number. Your name and contact information will not be shared with your landlord or management company.

Your report should include:

  • Your complete address, including apartment number.
  • Your contact phone number, which is required. An e-mail address is optional.
  • Your landlord or management company's name and address. 

Anonymous complaints are accepted for dust in common areas only.

You can report construction dust in a:

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