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You can report someone breaking park or greenway rules, including:

  • Barbecuing or grilling where it is not allowed
  • Biking or rollerblading off park paths or bikeways
  • Climbing fences, gates, or trees
  • Filming without a permit
  • Fishing where it is not allowed
  • Posting signs or ads
  • Preventing the use of a park facility
  • Selling items without a permit
  • Smoking in a public park, beach, or golf course
  • Unsafe behavior in a playground
  • Using a newly seeded lawn
  • Using a park or dog run when closed (including after hours noise from dogs in a dog run)

Learn about park rules and regulations.

After Hours in a City Park

Park hours are from 6 AM to 1 AM unless other operating hours are posted outside of the park.

Parks Enforcement Patrol Officers, Urban Park Rangers, or the New York City Police Department can issue Civil Court fines or Environmental Control Board violations to anyone inside a park after hours.

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